Volume 3,Number 1,July 2012


siRNA Knockdown of TrpRS Induce Apoptosis,Inhabits Cell.......

Joyeeta Sengupta,Chengfu Yuan,Xiangmei Wu,Huan Lan,Youquan Bu,Fa Ping Yi and Fang Zhou Song

Fibre Components of the External Laryngeal Nerve......

Kannaiyan Vijesh Ramnarayan,Shan-Quan Sun,Ping Dong and Joyeeta Senguta

Evaluation of Infant Feeding and Care Practices Among in ......

M.D.Awogbenja and J.Ndife

Influenza AH1N1 2009 in Pregnancy Experience in Tamilnadu,India

Gunasekaran Palani, Kaveri Krishnasamy, Kavita Arunagiri, Mohana Sambasivam, Kiruba Ramesh, Suresh Babu Bommala, Saran Natarajan and Senthil Raja Ramalingam

Distribution of Nutrient Intake Among the Subjects of Non -alcohalic.....

Pornoor Siraj, N. Kohli, V. K. Srivastava and S. M. Natu

Quality Evaluation of Soya-Acha Mixes For Infant Feeding

F.U. Ugwuona M.D Awogbenja and J.I Ogara

Development of Soy Fortified High Protein and High Calorie Supplementary Biscuits

Induja Awasthi, Pornoor Siraj, Maitrayee Tripathi and Vandana Tripathi

Study on Average Length of Stay of Childhood Cancer Patients ....

Reema Kumari, R.P Mishra and Uday Mohan

Frequency Analysis of Instability Observed in a Large Segmented Solid Rocket Motor

Tengli N Prahalad , C.S. Ramesh, K.Viswanathan and R. Saravanan

Modeling and Simulation of 14 Bus System with D-Statcom for Power ..

Puli. Venkata Kishore, S. Rama Reddy and P. V. Kishore

In vitro Studies in Dikamali Gum ....

B. Jhansi Lakshmi and K. Jaganmohan Reddy

Diversity of Decapod Fauna From Mangrove Ecosystem of Uran ...

Prabhakar R. Pawar

Influece of Light and Develpomental Stages on Active Principles of Andrographis ...

Rita .N. Kumar, Sudeshna Chakraborty and Nirmal Kumar J.I.

Available Macro Nutrients ,N, P, K and S, in the Soils...

R. P. Singh and S. K. Mishra

Studies on the Dynamics of Powdery Mildews ..

Mohit Kumar Gupta and G. K. Sharma

Medico-botanical Study of Some Weeds Growing ..

Ashok Kumar, Sanjay Agarwal, Alka Singh and Desh Deepak

Physico Chemical Studies of Manganese ii, Cobalt ii, Zinc ii and Copper ii Complexes ...

P.K.Pandey,A.K.Pandey,A.N.Mishra , K.K. Ojha and Rupesh Kumar Singh

Evaluation of Impact of Phosphamidon on Protein Status of Freshwater Fish Channa punctatus

Pratibha Rohankar, Varsha Zade, Dinesh Dabhadkar and Neeta Labhsetwar

Histopathological Alterations in the Kidney of Cyprinus carpio ...

Ram Nayan Singh Ram Nayan Singh

On the Diet Substitution and Adaptation Weight in Carp Cyprinus carpio Larvae

P. Bambroo

The Role of Invertibrates as Traditional Drugs ...

H.K. Azami and Gauri Sinha

Interaction Effect of Different Dose of Sulphur and Zinc with Nitrogen...

AshoK Kumar Baudh and G. Prasad

Increased Genetic Variability for Total Plant Yield in M3 Generation of Mungbean

Shamim Ahmed Azad

Study of Ethnomedicinal Plants Used in the Treatment ...

Manisha Yadav and Khalid Kafeel Khan

Association Between Geomagnetic kp and ap Index with Solar ...

Mukesh Kanwal Tripathi ,R.S. Gupta, P.L.Verma and Nishant Khare

Phenomenological Description of Spin Coulomb Drag Considering Spin-Flip Possibility

Manju Kumari and J.N. Prasd

Large Geomagnetic Storms and their Relation with Coronal Mass ...


Study of Radiation Induced Changes in PDVF Polymer

A.K.Tiwari and A.N.Pandey

Stressors of Academic Stress ,A Study on

Manjula G. Kadapatti and A.H.M.Vijayalaxmi

Fixed Point Theorem in Banach Space

D.P. Shukla, Shiv Kant Tiwari and Chetan

Influence of Non-host Crop Rotation on the Reaction of Cereal ...

K.M.Isah and Niranjan Kumar

Synthesis of Some New....

S.Alauddin and F.Hayat

Principles of Organic Chemistry

Arun Kumar

Development and Validation of a HPLC-UV Method for Simultaneous ...

T.Nageswara Rao, A. Ramesh, T.Parvathamma and G.Suresh