Volume2,Number 3,July 2011


Reaction of host crop genotypes Striga hermonthica at Bida,Mokwa and Shonga in the Nigerian Guinea Savanna

K.M.Isah and Niranjan Kumar

Effect of Cover Managment Practices on Physical Properties in Nsuka sandy loam soil

S.M.Amana,O.J.Jayeoba and M.E.Obi

Spatial and Temporal Variability of Surface soil Moisture Content of an Alfisol as influenced by tillage operations in Oyo State,South Western Nigeria

O.J. Jayeoba

Genetic Variability in Two-Rowed Barley(H.vulgareL.)

Ageet Pratap Singh

ko-IAEA Determination of full energy peak effciency for a high purity germanium detector

N.R.Limen,S.A.Jonath,I.OB.Ewa,M.O.A.Oladipo and G.A.Agbo

Average Characteristics of Forbush Decreases of Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensity Variation

Nutan Gupta,D.P.Tiawri,P.K.Shrivastava,P.S.Gupta,R.P.Singh and P.P.Jain

Derivation and Verification of Kinetics Equation For Degradation of Chlorophyll in extract obtained from leaves of some weeds

Vaishali Poonia and R.K.Soni

In Silico Micro RNA Identification and Target Prediction in HPV

Shallu Kalia and Sarika Sahu

Fungicidal Efficacy on Mycosis Control of Five Leafy Vegetables Diseases

Vishal N.Shinde and Sahera Nasreen

Allelopathic Potential Parthenium to reduce water absorption in Germinating Cowpea Seeds

Jayanti Srivastava,Nisha Raghava and R.P. Raghava

Toxicity of Copper and Cadmium on Germination and Seedling Growth of (Zea maya L.) seeds

Diwaker Gupta and Abdullah

Toxigenic Moulds Associated With Root Tubers of Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum Sant.F.)

Yashasvita Chauhan,R.K.Singh,Ratika Singh and S.Singh

Occurrence of VAM Formation and its Effect on the Growth of Some Economically(Medicinally) Important plant in soil of distt.Varanasi,U.P.

Ritesh Kr.Srivastava,S.C.Srivastava and N.K. Srivastava

Shoot Proliferation,Induction of Roots in Excised Shoots and Undifferentiated Growth in Kallstroemia pubescens

Maneesh Kumar Gupta and Rajiv Dutta

Shoot Proliferation,Induction of Roots in Excised Shoots and Undifferentiated....

Maneesh Kumar Gupta and Rajiv Dutta

Brassionosteroids Stimulate Seed Germination Parameters and Chrorophyll Content in Moongbean

Kshitij Srivastava, N.Raghava,Shagun and R.P.Raghava

Launaea asplenifolia (Wild) Hook f.:Bio-Chemical Impact on Population Stability in Tharu Tribe of Indo-Nepal Himalayan tarai of Bihar

Arun Kumar,Ratnesh Kumar and S. Srivastava

Effect of Different Level of Nitrogen on Wheat(T.aestvum) and Rice (Oryza sativa) Under Zero Tillage

Santosh Kr.Mishra, D.K. Tripathi,N.K.Srivastava,M.Z. Beg and C. Singh

Allelic Frequency of Phenyliocarbamide Tasters and Non-tasters in Different Human Population of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

O.P.Singh and A.K.Singh

Toxicological Effects of Selenium on the Haematological Parameters of a Fresh Water Catfish,Heteropneustes fosslis (Bloch)

Garima Srivastava and A.K.Srivastava

Affect of Glutamine Supplementation on Malignant Obstructive Jaundice Patients Managed With Endoscopic Drainage

Induja Awasthi,A.Chandra,L.K.Kacker ,A.K.Wahal and S.M. Natu

Effect of Dietary Counseling on Quality of Life and Nutrition Status of Oral Cancer Pateint in Uttar Pradesh

Pornoor Siraj,I.Awasthi,I.Ahamad,M.Saleem and V.Srivastava

A Comparative Study of Serum Retinol,Serum Zinc and Albumin Level in Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients

Irfan Ahamad,M.Saleem,Safia, P.Siraj, W.Ali and V.K. Srivastava

Fixed Poits Theorems in Banach Space Using Noor Ieration

D.P. Shukla,A. Guatum,R.Pouranik and Dileep Kr.Pandey

Common Fixed Poits Theorems For Hybrid Pairs of Compatible (N) Maps

Yogesh Kumar Vijaywar,N.P.S.Bawa,Praveen Kr.Srivastava and D.P.Shukla

Locally Rotatinally Symmetric BianchiType-I Cosmological Model With Time Varying G Term

R.K. Dubey and Sailendra Tripathi

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